Selected Publications, Latest First


  • Europol: No Evidence of Terrorist Financing with Bitcoin, BTC Financial, published Feb 2016
  • Top Five Tips for Making an Aerial Marketing Video, Steadiflite, published Feb 2016
  • Major Alt Coins Increasing Across the Board, The DogeCoin Daily, published Jan 2016
  • A Centralised, Planned Economy Can Only Fail, financialnewsroom.com, published March 2015
  • Switzerland: Hands-Off Approach to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Financial, published June 2014
  • Secure Communications in the Age of NSA Surveillance, financialnewsroom.com, published Feb 2014
  • Auroracoin: Iceland’s Own Bitcoin-Style Virtual Currency, for Bitcoin Financial, published Feb 2014
  • Credit Cards: Over 41% of Profits Consumed by “Fraud Prevention”, financialnewsroom.com, published Jan 2014
  • Bitcoin Given Official Seal of Approval in Europe, financialnewsroom.com, published Dec 2013
  • Powering Homes or Small Businesses with Off-Grid Renewables, for miniwindsystems.com, published May 2012
  • Travelling the Smart Route to Scandinavia, for financialnewsroom.com, published in June 2010
  • Can Micro Wind Turbines Power Your Home?, for miniwindsystems.com, published March 2009
  • Organic Foods: New EU Directive Not as Good as It Might Seem, ecopen.com, published May 2007