Video Optimization, Marketing Internet Content

Mark Mage,

Photo and Video Optimization for Internet Search, (24 pages, 2018)


Ranking and Marketing Microstock Photos, Videos and All Other Content Types with Online Agencies and for Broader Internet Search Engines


This expanded edition book oringinated as a little 24-page booklet. It used to be just a brief guide for everyone wanting to improve the ranking of images within Online Image Agencies and for general internet search spelling out the Top-5 most powerful measures employed by power users and SEO experts. It was simply meant to help readers make photos and videos really rank and come up in front of the competition both inside microstock agencies and wider internet search engines. The book is currently being expanded into a more comprehensive guide covering additional types of content. The original first edition is referenced below.


Photo and Video Optimization for Internet Search

Top-5 Expert Measures for Ranking Your Microstock Photos and Videos inside Microstock Agencies and for Internet Search Engines

(Paperback, 24 pp.), CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018


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