Lake Vaner: Forests, Rocky Shorelines, and Islands in Sweden’s Viking Land

West Sweden has been one of the original homes to the Vikings. With its rugged coastline and rocky islands, the region is the backdrop to early Viking life. Forests and lakes further inland also provided a habitat for these early settlers, with numerous relics of the era still visible today. From the Kattegat coastline to Lake Vaner, Europe’s largest body of freshwater outside Russia, to Southeastern Norway, historic sites and places of early settlements can be found almost everywhere. Further afield and scattered across Norway’s more sparsely populated areas, there are equally interesting locations to be found. [Excerpt only — To view the full article, please e-mail.]


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TV Series “Ritter’s Cove”, CBC (Canada) / “Die Kuestenpiloten”, ZDF (West Germany)

A TV series from the early 1980s, co-produced by Canadian CBC and West-German ZDF networks, starring Hans Caninenberg (Karl Ritter), Susan Hogan (Kate Ashcroft) and others.

Plot Outline

The Ritter family run an air taxi business using an iconic DHC-2 “Beaver” floats-fitted airplane along the scenic coast of British Columbia, Canada, and run into numerous adventures and situations in the process.

Plot Summary

Karl Ritter’s (Hans Caninenberg) runs into many an adventurous situation operating his Canadian air taxi business along the British Columbia coastline featured in this TV series, co-produced by Canadian CBC and West-German ZDF television networks (German title “Die Küstenpiloten”) in the early 1980s. Featuring a legendary DHC-2 “Beaver” fitted with floats as a  seaplane — and sometimes the competition’s Bell 212 helicopter, piloted by Kate Ashcroft (Susan Hogan).


The stories and adventures while running Karl Ritter’s (Hans Caninenberg) Canadian air taxi business along the British Columbia coastline are at the centre of all episodes of this TV series, co-produced by Canadian CBC and West-German ZDF television networks in the early 1980s. German official title was “Die Küstenpiloten”. One of the legendary DHC-2 “Beaver” fitted with floats as a seaplane is featured throughout all the episodes of the series. There are some interplays of a Bell 212 helicopter, operated by a competing neighbor and piloted by Kate Ashcroft (Susan Hogan). Individual episodes in this series feature a dramatic first flight by one of the Ritter family’s children, a bush-fire and rescue operations, third-parties engaging in criminal activities, and surprise bad weather situations, all leading to different kinds of adventures or critical situations for the Ritter family and others involved. Central to resolving these is usually their trusted-and-proven yellow “Beaver” aircraft which is hailed as a reliable tool off which they make a living in their beautiful, but sometimes difficult, surroundings in Canada’s Pacific province of British Columbia. The entire TV series consists of 20+ episodes, all of which have been aired in the early 1980s in Canada and (translated) in West Germany. Despite being in the memories of millions of viewers in both countries, there has not (yet) been any re-release of it despite a real possibility of gaining some traction not only among TV viewers but also airplane enthusiasts interested in the cult DHC-2 pattern built by DeHavilland during that time.


Air courier service running a DHC-2 “Beaver” in B. C., Canada (“Die Kuestenpiloten”, co-produced with W. German ZDF TV).

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