Books, Videos, Publications by Mark Mage

IT Systems Developer and HD Video Producer, Editor & Release Consultant with in-depth online marketing experience going back to the early days of the internet in the 1990s.

Successful at technology, media, and business topics. I love this type of work — but I also love to teach and have found a number of worthwhile platforms featuring a great audience and the right solutions for engaging with a very special group of participants who want to profit from hands-on training and quality information.

My publications include both printed edition books and e-books as well as videos, online courses (webinars) and other media formats in order to make content I teach as accessible as possible. Available topics and titles are listed below.


Photo and Video Optimization for Internet Search

Top-5 Expert Measures for Ranking Your Microstock Photos and Videos inside Microstock Agencies and for Internet Search Engines

(Paperback, 31 pp.), CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2021


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