Precision Cam Services

An experienced photographer, videographer and RC specialist, I am available for Precisioncam or Multicopter Aerial Camera assignments AKA drone video and photography for Real Estate, Tourism, local Chambers of Commerce, Hotels and Hospitality, and other businesses on assignment.

To discuss your project and requirements or to book an appointment, please e-mail me using the address stated in my regular contact data.


Steadicam or Precisioncam? Anyway, it’s like having a slider in the sky!

When Garret Brown invented and introduced the Steadicam in 1975, it gradually changed the look and feel of cinema productions. Nowadays, most films have extensive Steadicam shots in them. Today’s electronic stabilizers along with the up and coming multicopter technology built around mass-produced and cheap accelerometers and IC (integrated circuit) controller technologies have opened up a whole new way of producing videos and photos to a wider audience. Quality depends on skilled flying as well as sound photographic and cinematographic knowledge though, and simply hooking up some plug-and-play equipment or flooring the transmitter leavers while still hoping for acceptable results is, of course, nonsense. So is real estate video detailing every shingle on a roof for minutes on end but failing to shoot inside and show potential buyers why they should be interested in a house in the first place…

So while wanting to make use of high-quality multicopter aerial videos and photo shots you also want to make sure these are not taken by some kid with a drone or by someone who has so much fun circling around a property or other subject that he forgets what the real job is. Better talk to a skilled photo and video footage producer who knows what flies and what doesn’t when it comes to effective marketing.

When it comes to internet marketing, it is generally accepted that Video is King. Numerous studies have shown this, and the numbers are impressive, indeed. Multicopter aerial video footage takes this successful technology to a whole new level (literally) and adds yet another incentive to take a look or make viewers, website visitors, and potential clients watch the entire presentation for its impressive images.

The added opportunities to produce high-quality results in order to meet or even exceed the expectations of your audience are greatly expanded through electronic stabilization and state-of-the-art RC multicopter technologies, and hiring a skilled Precision Cam operator ensures the best-possible results for feature films, travel, visitor bureau, hospitality videos, and simple website movie clips alike.