Specialising in commercial video, real estate marketing, aerial image production (a. k. a. drone videos and photos), travel video and destination pieces for tourist boards, hotels, and smaller B&B or cottage rental operations, I can produce effective and affordable video footage to highlight your offer or product and deliver your message tailor-made for your audience online or off.

TIP: Most effective for this purpose are clips between 55 seconds and 5 minutes in length.

I am also available for assignments and on location for bespoke projects. Please e-mail me with project details for a no-obligation outline or quote.

Digital Rights Management by Nimia

Multicopter flyover of ironoxide-red classic-painted wooden buildings, revealing historic white lighthouse on rocky shoreline and densely wooded uninhabited islands emerging in the background.


To view the full profile piece on that same historic lighthouse and its scenic surroundings and beautiful landscape (duration 04:25), please visit my third-party online showcase on Nimia or simply use the player window below.


Digital Rights Management by Nimia