Finance & Economics

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Texts and Publications covering Finance & Economics:

  • Europol: No Evidence of Terrorist Financing with Bitcoin, BTC Financial, published Feb 2016
  • Major Alt Coins Increasing Across the Board, The DogeCoin Daily, published Jan 2016
  • Norwegian Banks’ Capitalisation Fell Dramatically, Financial Newsroom, published Dec 2015
  • Europe: De-Facto Bitcoin Haven, Bitcoin Financial, published Nov 2014
  • Canada Re-Considering Its Open Stand on Bitcoin,, published Oct 2014
  • Fish from Northeastern Japan Banned for Radiation Fears, Organic Food News, published Sept 2013
  • Residential-Scale Renewables: the Economics of Going Off-Grid, Mini Wind and Solar Technologies, published Dec 2012
  • New Free Trade Agreement Between EFTA and India, Hong Kong, Financial Newsroom, published Oct 2012