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Close-Up Image of Shiny-Red Fly Agaric

A brief update for subscribers to my new-photos and media-files feed:

shiny-red Fly Agaric as a close-up shot in sunlit autumn forest

One of my seasonal images freshly accepted into stock image portfolio: Shiny-Red Fly Agaric (Amarita Muscaria) glittering in the sun on a sunny day in fall,

Lake Vaner: Forests, Rocky Shorelines, and Islands in Sweden’s Viking Land

West Sweden has been one of the original homes to the Vikings. With its rugged coastline and rocky islands, the region is the backdrop to early Viking life. Forests and lakes further inland also provided a habitat for these early settlers, with numerous relics of the era still visible today. From the Kattegat coastline to Lake Vaner, Europe’s largest body of freshwater outside Russia, to Southeastern Norway, historic sites and places of early settlements can be found almost everywhere. Further afield and scattered across Norway’s more sparsely populated areas, there are equally interesting locations to be found. [Excerpt only — To view the full article, please e-mail.]


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